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Made In NZ

Our Made In NZ range is exactly that! We proudly support other locally owned small businesses that are able to design or create their products right here in NZ.

Tuhi is a well known stationery company owned by Geneva & Mihi. They both live here in Auckland, New Zealand and are both of Maori decent. They are passionate about stationery and the Maramataka (Maori Lunar Calendar).

O Te Motu Creations is owned by Boss Kotiro (girl) Mereana Wairua and her mother Haley Lowe from the Hokianga in Northland, New Zealand and is of Maori decent. They are very passionate about looking after our earth mother and all its beauty.

Kawacure is owned Karmyn Wynyard who is based here in West Auckland, New Zealand and is of Maori decent. Karmyn harvests and creates all these beautifully natural Kawakawa balms as taught to her by a Maori Tohunga (healer). Karmyn is passionate about the powerful healing properties of Kawakawa, a native plant to New Zealand.

Piri Paua was founded by Ata Collier who resides in South Auckland, New Zealand and is of Maori decent. Ata's children speak both Maori & Samoan language in their home which inspired her to create Language resources for her children and others. She is passionate about keeping the language alive.

Hōha Homewares was founded by Jewelz Petley who resides in West Auckland, New Zealand and is of Maori decent. Her vision was to bring Maori language to everybody in the form of Maori Kupu (words) incorporated into homewares. From cups, to pencils, to cushions, to prints. An easy and contemporary way to bring culture into your house.

Moko for Mokos was created by artist Te Haunui Tuna from Waimana, Whakatane, New Zealand and he is of Maori decent. "We want to celebrate kid's natural creativity, curiousity and to encourage imaginative whānau play time." These are truly beautiful temporary tattoos for children.

Panikeke was created and found by Keith Toma who resides in South Auckland, New Zealand and is of Pacific Island decent. Keith was highly influenced by his grandmother and his cultural upbringing. He creates amazingly contemporary pacific influenced jewellery and beauty products.

Our Pounamu are sourced and carved by Monique and Glen Mcsheffrey who travel the motu (island) with their beautiful Pounamu pieces. They are both of Maori decent and live and breath their passion for authentic NZ Pounamu or Greenstone. Once it arrives to us we have our Kaumatua, Sonny Niha, bless each piece before shipping.

Nothing but homegrown talent right here! Buy local, Support Local #madeinnz