Kawacure Body Butter
Kawacure Body Butter
Kawacure Body Butter
Kawacure Body Butter

Kawacure Body Butter

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A luxurious healing skin moisturiser with fresh apple scent for rejuvenating dry skin.  Can be used all over the body or on problem areas such as elbows and knees.  Helpful for stretch mark prevention and scar tissue.

Sore Muscle Rub -

Applied topically to provide a soothing and warming sensation before and after strenuous activity.  Helps relieve pain, stiffness and sore muscles.  Can be used for rheumatism and arthritis.

Kumarahou & Mango - 

A silky smooth hydrating skin treatment with a tropical mango scent.  Can be used over the whole body, Kumarahou is gentle enough for our children and elderly to use safely.  Ideal for hydrating sensitive skin to prevent eczema and dermatitis, also great for scar tissue and scar prevention.

Haputanga Belly Butter - 

At KawaCure we recommend all our butters for stretch mark prevention, however we have developed-Hapūtanga Hauora Belly Butter.  By adding healing essential oils to our Kawakawa infused oil with Shea butter we believe we have come up with the perfect combination to keep those stretch marks at bay while our Māmā massage Aroha & Hari Koakoa (love & happiness) into their whare tangata (womb).