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Kawacure Tea
Kawacure Tea

Kawacure Tea

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Kawakawa Tea 

Powerful natural blood cleanser and healer.  Kawakawa tea is a natural detoxing agent and is used for; infections and fungal conditions, all skin conditions and digestive and urinary complaints.  Teabags can be used to soothe skin or as poultice.  Caffeine-free

Kumarahou with a hint of Lemon

Aids better liver function, blood purifier and a common remedy for bronchial, lung & kidney complaints.  A tea that helps detox your body and supports the elimination of waste which improves overall health and well being. Caffeine-free

Haputanga Tea

A healthy blend of Kawakawa, Red Raspberry Leaf & Nettle leaf for optimum health during pregnancy.  Incorporating the powerful healing of Kawakawa, our natural blood purifier with Red raspberry leaf which contains nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C and E helps prepare the uterus for delivery.  Nettle leaf naturally nourishes and tonifies the blood and the vascular system & Aids with pain in the muscles and joints during and after pregnancy.  Caffeine-free